Give the Gift that Stays at Home

Looking for the perfect gift for a birthday, graduation, or even back to school? It’s always a good time to consider COOK CA$H for your gift giving!

The Adel-Cook County Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to promoting our community through our Buy Cook. Live Cook. Serve Cook. program. Buy Cook is a buy local initiative supported by the Chamber and local businesses in Adel and Cook County, to encourage all residents to shop locally. COOK CA$H is a gift certificate purchased at the Adel-Cook County Chamber of Commerce, located at 100 S. Hutchinson Ave. in Downtown Adel, Georgia. COOK CA$H is redeemable at all participating locations in Cook County, and is available in denominations of $5, $10, and $20.

The Chamber has a special account set up to handle COOK CA$H, making your transaction quick and simple to be issued after payment has been received. COOK CA$H is expected to be a premier item in the years to come, and we encourage every citizen in Cook County to shop locally with COOK CA$H. Buy Cook. Live Cook. Serve Cook.

How to use Cook Ca$h

  • COOK CA$H is a gift certificate used and guaranteed by the Adel-Cook Chamber of Commerce to promote the Shop Local Program.
  • COOK CA$H is issued in $5, $10, and $20 denominations and is purchased by consumers at the Adel-Cook Chamber of Commerce offce.  For location, CLICK HERE.
  • COOK CA$H is redeemable on demand at face value.
  • COOK CA$His accepted by local participating Chamber member merchants in Cook County at face value ans should be considered the same as cash.
  • If a purchase is less than the face value of the certificate, participating merchants will give change in cash to the presenter as with any cash transaction.
  • COOK CA$H has a special embossed seal on each bill that must be evident to the cashier before it can be accepted to ensure authenticity.
  • Participating merchants are reimbursed by the Adel Cook Chamber of Commerce at full value in form of check and should contact the Chamber with any questions  To contact the Chamber, CLICK HERE.


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