Chamber Recognizes Star Member of the Week


Congratulations to Cardinal CT for being selected as the Chamber's STAR Member of the Week for the week of August 10th presented by the Small Business Development Committee.  They are located at 70 Peachtree Drive in Adel.  Cardinal CT’s Adel plant is one of 37 glass manufacturing locations across the United States operated by Cardinal Glass Industries.  The local plant specializes in custom tempered glass where glass is heated and rapidly cooled which increases the glass strength.  When broken, tempered glass breaks into small pieces in a break-safe pattern.  One of the most common residential tempered glass products manufactured locally is custom shower doors.  Cardinal CT is currently hiring truck drivers and workers for both shifts.  For more information, contact 229-896-1399 or visit


Cardinal CT staff members were joined by Chamber representatives for the presentation.  Pictured l. to r.: Chamber President Heather Green, HR Manager Ashley Cook, Safety manager Kevin Fender, Plant Superintendent Matt Parker, and SBDC Chairman Thomas Williams. Not pictured Plant Manager Mark Combs.