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BASF Corporation
14284 Hwy 41 North
Sparks, GA 31647 (Google Map)
Contact: Gaskins, Jeannie
Phone: 229-549-8245, Fax: 229-549-7372
2101 J-M Drive
Adel, GA 31620 (Google Map)
Contact: McLaughlin, D.J.
Phone: 229-896-8208, Fax: 229-896-8256
318 Airport Square
Adel, GA 31620 (Google Map)
Contact: Baldree, Ken
Phone: 229-896-1771, Fax: 2298967468
1019 Lenox Brookfield Road
Lenox, GA 31637 (Google Map)
Contact: Darden, John
Phone: 229-546-4113, Fax: 229-546-3022
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