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Government - City

Adel Industrial Development Authority
P.O. Box 278
Adel, GA 31620 (Google Map)
Contact: McClain, Howard
Phone: 229-896-2575
112 North Parrish Avenue
PO Box 1530
Adel, GA 31620 (Google Map)
Contact: Flythe, John
Phone: 229-896-4504, Fax: 229-896-4016
City of Cecil
134 Rountree Street
PO Box 73
Cecil, GA 31627 (Google Map)
Contact: Carter, Nakia
Phone: 229-794-9302, Fax: 229-794-9307
City of Lenox
15 East Colquitt Avenue
PO Box 560
Lenox, GA 31637 (Google Map)
Contact: Barber, Teresa
Phone: 229-546-4252, Fax: 229-546-4227
City of Sparks
115 East Colquitt Street
Sparks, GA 31647 (Google Map)
Contact: Philpot, Sonya
Phone: 229-549-8211, Fax: 229-549-7913
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