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Adel Grand Gardeners
11261 Barneyville Road
Sparks, GA 31647 (Google Map)
Contact: Padgett, Patricia
Phone: 229-549-6136, Fax: 229-549-6136
509 North Patterson Avenue
Valdosta, GA 31601 (Google Map)
Contact: Jenkins, Terri
Phone: 229-242-7404
1205 Baytree Road Suite 9
Valdosta, GA 31602 (Google Map)
Contact: Thompson, Thea
Phone: 229-257-0057, Fax: 229-257-0405
Evergreen Produce, LLC
867 Rountree McCranie Road
Adel, GA 31620 (Google Map)
Contact: Bloser, Brent
Phone: 229-316-0987
House of Grace
302 South Goodman Street
Sparks, GA 31647 (Google Map)
Contact: McConnell, Sean
Phone: 229-549-6744, Fax: 229-549-6745
O'Quinn, Shonna
224 Henry Folsom Road
Adel, GA 31620 (Google Map)
Contact: O'Quinn, Shonna
Wood, Steve
P O Box 1364
Adel, Ga 31620 (Google Map)
Contact: Wood, Steve
Phone: 2295079393
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